Pendrell Sew-Along: Fabric

Pendrell Sew-Along: Fabric Choices

I’m pretty excited about this sew-along. The Pendrell Blouse is just the kind of top that I lack in my wardrobe. And luckily I had three fabrics in my stash that would work for it so I am going to treat myself to three blouses!

The top fabric is polyester that I initially wanted to line my Chanel-inspired jacket with but opted for plain lining instead, so I don’t know if I’ll have enough (1.5m), but since the drape is so nice I’d love to make a View A in it.

Second (blue floral) is a cotton from Lecien that my mom had lying around, it’s a bit stiffer so I think I’ll go for the sleeveless View C that is unless I don’t have enough fabric with the first one for View A . I don’t think this would be a fabric I would initially have chosen for the Pendrell but after seeing this version by Sam I think it’ll be great (2.0m)

Third is a lighter blue of the Second fabric. My mom went out to buy this after realising that the blue one was a bit too bright for her. I’m making a View C for her since she needs it to be able to layer under a cardi. (2.0m)

The bottom fabric is also a cotton from Lecien. I’ll make a View C for this as well. (2.0m)

I’ll be doing a few alterations on this pattern for myself, for my mom she is in the same chart for bust and waist so I won’t alter it other than the hip and length.

According to my overbust measurement of 34″ I’ll have to cut out the size 8 (bust 34.5) and do a FBA (Full Bust Adjustment) to have the blouse fit properly in the shoulders. The blouse’s finishing measurements are a full 4 inches larger in the bust than measured so instead of doing a 2.5″ increase for my bust it will hopefully go well with just a 1.5″ increase. Unfortunately the size 8 waist was already too big for me and the FBA will add a bit of thickness to the waist. I will most likely fix that by fitting unless Tasia goes over that on her sew-along.

I’ve already done the FBA (according to this tutorial by Sew, Mama, Sew!) but I still need to decrease the hip circumference (which I will do according to the Sewaholics post on it). Then to adapt the pattern for my short-waisted-ness and lastly to shorten the length.

After that I think I should do a toile since I altered so much of it. I’m hoping the pattern I end up with will fit my body well enough that I’ll use it over and over and sometime make a Pendrell Dress out of!


2 responses to “Pendrell Sew-Along: Fabric

  1. Such pretty fabrics! They’ll make gorgeous tops, for sure.

  2. Those are beautiful colours and patterns you chose! So excited to see the finished product!

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