Knitting and Packing Instead of Sewing

I have been terrible so far this year in sewing.

Last weekend I caught a head cold and ended up justifying beginning a knitting project. I had saved the Cornflower Cowl on Ravelry by Karen Scott and thought it would be a great time to knit it up since I’ve been wanting a cowl to wear indoors.

Knitting: Cornflower Cowl 1

It was my first time knitting cables without a cable needle and it was so simple! I wish I had known that was an option when knitting up all three pairs of Nalu Mitts I knit late last year! The instructions at under ‘decorative stitches’.

Knitting: Cornflower Cowl 2

The yarn I used it 50% Silk 50% Merino Wool and is perfect for people like me who get a bit itchy from wearing wool directly on sensitive areas like my neck. Plus the colour! I love it and have worn it practically daily since I finished.

And yesterday I had an unfortunate day filled with allergies from the packing that we’ve been doing to ship everything to Vancouver. But I decided to let myself begin another new knitting project!

Knitting: Feather and Fan Scarf 1

This time it’s a scarf, since I realised I have never actually knit a scarf. The Feather and Fan Scarf by firefly is so pretty and sounded like a great way to try my hand at lace work.

So far it has been extremely simple to knit, it would have been perfect for my flight since it requires no stitch-markers (which I took ~10 minutes to retrieve when I once dropped one on a train) and it’s so easy to memorize that I haven’t had to refer to the pattern yet. It looks all uneven now, but I can’t wait to finish and block this.

And here’s a wonderful dessert at a place called Salon du The Alcyon. They have a lunch course which consists of soup, main (fish or meat), a large dessert, and Tea of your choice. This month I couldn’t resist their Mont Blanc which was White Chocolate flavour.

White Chocolate Mont Blanc

I cannot wait to try to imitate this sometime. It’s top layer is the White Chocolate Mont Blanc, followed by a layer of meringue, with 3 layers of ice cream (vanilla, strawberry, vanilla) which contains a few pieces of brownie and frozen strawberries. Does that not sound like a perfect combination of sweetness? I will miss eating out when I leave Osaka but it will be nice to be start being a lacto-ovo-vegetarian instead of a pescavorian pescetarian.

That’s all I’ve been up to. I need to work on my Pendrells and a dress I’m making but my room is far too messy to cut fabric in due to all the boxes and things to pack! I hope I don’t fall behind on the sew-along….


One response to “Knitting and Packing Instead of Sewing

  1. My goodness you are becoming a very talented knitter! They look beautiful!…And so does that dessert, yum!

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