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A New Year

Happy Year of the Rabbit everyone!

(Where I began the year 2011)

Unfortunately I have not been so good with blogging and then had a trip to Vietnam but it is now the new year and I can have a fresh start to being more consistent with Dropped Pins.

And of course I will need a few resolutions and a nice list of things to sew!

First off, General Resolutions:

1. Do not buy any article of clothing that I can make myself with the exception of thrifting. This will hopefully have a double effect of motivating me to sew more and save money.

2. Participate in Me-Made-May and Self-Stitched-September. I was so jealous while other bloggers were participating this past year and it’s time for me to join!

3. Exercise. I haven’t exercised regularly for around 4 years… it’s time for a change.

4. Blog more regularly. This probably should have been higher up. I have been terrible so far and I need to get much better.

5. Do NOT buy fabric unless I need it for a project. Now that I am preparing to move I realise how much fabric I need to use up. I was very bad about this in 2010…

6. Dress more for my body type. I really didn’t consider this at all before, silly me.

7. Start cutting my own hair. I’ll begin budget living when I return to Canada and a since I’m growing my hair out it won’t be too hard and it will hopefully go well. I’m a bit nervous about this one.

8. Make a dressform of my own body. How else will I make all the clothes in my list!

9. Organize a productive craft area. Once I move back to Canada I won’t have to sleep and sew in the same room (my allergies are going to be so happy) and I can finally organize properly!

10. Finish reading through Professional Sewing Techniques for Designers and put many of the techniques to use by making my list of things to make in 2011.

And now, things to make (I’ll keep it down to 10 or else I might overwhelm myself!):

1. The Pendrell Blouse by Sewaholic Patterns. I will participate in the sew-along and make a few for myself and one for my mom (for her birthday). Although Tasia is focusing on pear-shapes and that is not my body type, I couldn’t resist the urge to buy the pattern since it is the exact kind of garment I need so I can wear the skirts I have sewn (This will be very handy when it comes to my Resolution #1).

2. A party dress to wear to my sister’s wedding-party. I rarely have a chance to wear a nice semi-formal dress and although this might make me over-dressed for the party, I really couldn’t care less.

3. My sister’s wedding dress. This is a lot of pressure for me but I am looking forward to working with good quality fabrics and making something that will be so beautiful and meaningful.

3. A basic straight skirt in a neutral. Most of my skirts have been a-line or flare and it’s time for me to have a straight skirt in my wardrobe. I’ve got a nice Camel coloured cotton fabric perfect for this.

4. A summery dress. I haven’t sewn one yet, and that’s just not right.

5. A knit vest. Last Autumn I really into knitting for the first time and I think a vest would be the best way to ease myself into knitting clothes.

6. A knit pair of convertible gloves. This one is for a certain person who lives in a colder place than me. It will be fun to try new techniques for this project.

7. A silk camisole. I made one last year out of vintage kimono fabric but it was my first time working with silk and I didn’t finish the seams properly to make them last. But that one gave me a taste for having silk right up against my skin and it is just divine.

8. Another coat. Last year I made the Lady Grey coat and I’ve been wearing it almost daily since it goes so well with skirts. I’ll need another coat for next winter!

9. A Raincoat. I’m moving back to Vancouver after 4 years away and I’m pretty sure I need a raincoat since my last one doesn’t fit anymore and the ones I’ve seen are either not-so stylish or are very expensive.

10. A dress shirt. Since discovering that dress shirts tend to pull towards my back due to my bust and my large shoulder-blades, I’ve thrown out many of my old (and now dirty) dress-shirts and I haven’t bought any new ones. I really want a good pattern that I can keep and make over and over again.

Hopefully that’s not too much for 2011! Do you have any special resolutions for this year?